Inspired by the revolution of red-carpet ball gowns, the Cong Tri Fall/Winter 2019 collection possesses a great appreciation for the timeless image of Hollywood—particularly Marlene Dietrich.In addition to using the traditional essence of Vietnamese textiles including “Lanh My A silk” (a renowned silk whose black is dyed by Diospyros Mollis fruit) and world heritage fabrics such as tweed and velvet, the designer has woven more contemporary materials like metallic organza, 3D woven jacquard and holographic rayon into his collection.

To enhance the individually distinctive materials, the silhouettes were draped and formed to create a contemporary narrative of modern femininity. Enormously crafted bows, pleated fabric, 3D-cut light refracting beads interlaced with a neutral metallic color palette recall the glamour and sensuality of the graven Marlene Dietrich while bearing aide-mémoire to another spectrum of her as an independent figure of femininity.

 From subtle statement to extreme detailing of crystal embellishments and hand embroidery, the collection showcases the capabilities of The House of Cong Tri’s exquisite craftsmanship and impeccable tailoring.