Emit Clothing is taking wearable tech to the next level with their signature edition sneakers! They officially launched their brand on October 27, 2018. There are 100 pairs of signature edition sneakers available for preorder now up until November 20, 2018. Get your hands on a pair ASAP and be one of the few people to normalize the wave of wearable tech.

Emit Clothing was one of IZON Magazine’s generous sponsors for our Fashion Tech Networking Event that took place on October 25, 2018 at The Lately in the Meatpacking District of NY. Emit came through dripping and shining, showing us the future of fashion tech. Don’t be caught this holiday season without the latest fashion in wearable tech. Cop a pair of Emit Clothing’s sneakers for you and your friends and family. Step in the club and light  the way to a lit night. Black Friday and Christmas are around the corner, get your pre-orders in now or be sorry you missed the wave later. To get 25% click the link   http://emit.clothing/discount/Izon or type in IZON .

Creative Director: John Patrick

Photographer: Phillip.junor

Stylist: Keenan

Hair Stylist: Agostylist1

Makeup Artist: Stacey Araujo

Venue: The Lately