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A look at Max Ehrich 4 times Emmy nominated actor. Currently in netflix film Walk Ride Rodeo also will act in a new tv series American Princess aired on 6/2/2019. Check out Max killa style in IZON’s original style forecast. Press to watch!

Creative Director: John Patrick

Film Maker: Storr

Photographer: Jaiel Perez

Stylist : Marcus Blassingame

Location: Intelligent MDRN

Grooming: Rashad taylor

Designer Credits
  • 1) Shades-Cleo Nicci, track Jacket-MurrayWest, t-shirt-Edwing D’Angelo, jeans-CameronBates, Sneakers-EmitClothing.
  • 2) Shirt, kimono-Edwing D’Angelo, pant-CameronBates, Sneakers-Top Owens, shades-Cleo Nicci
  • 3) P-coat, tuxedo shirt, trousers-Edwing D’Angelo, tube sneakers-MobsDesign, shades-Cleo Nicci
  • 4) Letterman/motorcycle jacket, graphic t-shirt, plaid joggers-MurrayWest, sneakers-Top Owens
  • 5) Treated windbreaker hoodie, leather saddle vest-CameronBates, fatigue detail pant-Edwing D’Angelo, boots-All Saints.
  • 6) Track Jacket-MurrayWest, button down shirt, trousers-Edwing D’Angelo, footwear-Top Owens, socks Ralph Lauren
  • 7) Graphic tee-MurrayWest, scull cap-Kangol, jeans-All Saints, boots-MobsDesign