Sashimi – Hotate, Nashi Pear, Crispy Shiltake, Pearkandi Truffle Ponzu

Mishik Morden Japanese & Sushi Omakase is a high-end dining establishment that specializes in traditional Japanese cuisine and sushi prepared with the finest ingredients. Located in the heart of Hudson square , the restaurant offers an intimate and upscale atmosphere perfect for a unique dining experience. I got to taste few dishes my top favorite were Yakizakana, Yakiniku, Makimono Set king Salmon and spicy hotate.

King Salmon

Spicy Hotate

Donour -Maguro, Nori Puree, Jidori Egg. Aka Rice Uni +25 / Caviar รท30

Yakiniku– Koi Steak, Black Truffle Emulsion. Choux Farci upon request A5 Wagyu +35

Yakizakana – Fish of the Day, Broccolini, Yuzu Hollandaise, Shishito Kosho.
Guests can enjoy personalized omakase menu crafted by skilled chefs, showcasing the artistry and flavors of Japanese cuisine. Whether you’re a sushi enthusiast or simply looking to explore new culinary delights, Mishik NYC Morden is sure to impress with its impeccable service and exquisite dishes.


259 Hudson St, Manhattan, New York 10013, United States