If you’re traveling to NYC be sure to add Selina Hotel to your list of places to stay! Located in the Chelsea area of Manhattan, Selina is just steps away from some of the hottest hubs in NYC. Our creative director John got the opportunity to spend this past weekend at Selina and here was his take. To begin, the rooms at the Selina are perfect for a staycation or work trip. There is a minimalistic design that allows for free thinking, yet an artistic approach that can inspire the average creative. The views from a Selina room show off the beautiful infrastructure and high rises that NYC prides themselves on. 

As for hospitality, besides allowing a free stay, the workers were very friendly and willing to cater to any needs of your stay. There is a very diverse staff as well as people that stay at the hotel so you are bound to feel comfortable and welcomed. Selina’s rooftop and restaurant is one of the best features of the hotel offerings. If you’re a NYC native looking for a place to host a popup, corporate or birthday party, Selina’s rooftop is your best bet. From the ambiance to the views, your guests are bound to be buzzing about your event! 

Head on over to Selina’s website linked below and book your stay today!  www.selina.com

Written By : Brenna Toney

CD/ Photographer : John P Uzafe