WILD STYLE 40 Curated by Carlo McCormick is exciting and innovative art exhibition that celebrates the rich history and influence of graffiti and street art. This curated collection showcases the works of some of the most talented artists in the scene, paying homage to the roots of this expressive and rebellious art form.

Carlo McCormick, a renowned art critic and curator, has carefully selected pieces that represent the evolution of graffiti from its early beginnings in the streets of New York City to its current global impact. The exhibition features a diverse range of styles and techniques, highlighting the creativity and ingenuity of these artists.

Visitors to WILD STYLE 40 can expect to be captivated by the vibrant colors, intricate details, and powerful messages conveyed through the artwork. Each piece tells a unique story and invites viewers to delve deeper into the world of graffiti and street art.

Whether you are an art enthusiast, a curious passerby, or someone looking for a thought-provoking experience, WILD STYLE 40 Curated by Carlo McCormick offers a fascinating insight into the urban art movement. With its engaging displays and immersive atmosphere, this exhibition is not to be missed for anyone interested in exploring the dynamic intersection of art and culture.

Photo Credit and Captions
Photos by Genevieve Hanson.
Courtesy of the artists and Jeffrey Deitch, New York

Artist : Charlie Ahearn, John Ahearn, CRASH, DAZE, Jane Dickson, DONDI, Fab 5 Freddy, Futura, Eric Haze, Kiely Jenkins, Lady Pink,Joseph Conzo, Cathleen Campbell, Zephyr & Revolt, Martin Wong, Sharp, Revolt, Rammellzee, Os Gemeos, Lee QuiƱones