Does online cancel culture translate to real life consequences?

Cancelled culture wasn’t present during the return of Alexander Wang in NYFW, the designer was involved in many sexual assault claims in 2019, but was allowed back to NYFW this year, with the support of many important figures in the fashion world. Which really makes me think, is there any accountability in the fashion community?

While many media accounts like Diet Prada made it evident that they weren’t supporting the designer, many others, like Vogue, covered the runway as if nothing ever happened. Many celebrities & influencers showed their support , Julia Fox even walked the show, a celebrity known for her outspoken opinions on controversial topics. 

Since the controversy sparked the brand has been growing in the Chinese market, dressing a few celebrities for events, even for the MET Gala. But his return to NYFW was a pivotal moment to the lack of consequences to something as serious as sexually assaulting 11 models.  The brand did take a small break from public appearances but made their return in 2021 with a campaign starting Lucy Liu and a runway show in LA, but beside a instagram apology with the promise to “be better” there weren’t many consequences for Wang. 

The collection presented in NYFW “Cupid’s door”  was filled with low waisted silhouettes and many tailored jackets with big shoulders. The 90s/80s inspiration carried out with sequins, fur and snake print , with a romantic flair throughout the collection. 

The complaints are mostly about why is Alexander Wang allowed back to NYFW.

When his designs aren’t anything new, anything groundbreaking and even if he was a creating something never seen before, we should first check if he has made any personal changes before supporting his art. 

After everything, he has received support and was welcomed back to NYFW. This is a very real example of how male privilege works in the fashion industry, because no matter the charges, the faulty apology or a lacklustre collection, Wang is back and celebrated.