Baby Brasa is much more than a place to eat. It’s a lifestyle. Latin American restaurant in the west village had a cool aesthetic and great vibe. From delicious food, cocktails, dessert, apparel to fitness the opportunities are endless. The restaurant was spacious, clean, the staff were very professional but yet cool. I would definitely go back for more of the baby brasa food.


IZON lifestyle editor was invited to taste a couple of dishes from Baby Brasa. The food was good, a bright, contemporary restaurant served Latin American fusion dishes & signature drinks. Our life style editor started with three appetizers Crispy Rock Shrimp, Tuna Tostada, Mango Salad. His favorite dishes were the Seafood Tacu Tacu, Crispy Rock Shrimp, and Baby’s Lava Cookie dessert. The seafood Tacu Tacu flavorful and great amount of seafood, seasoned well. The Crispy rock shrimp was good it had sweet taste to it. Baby lava cookie was dessertgasm. IZON food rates “BABY BRASA” an eight for the service, experience, and eight for the food. IZON Food recommended make sure you make a reservation now. Click now www.babybrasa.com

Crispy Rock Shrimp
Tuna Tostada
Mango Salad
Seafood Tacu Tacu
Coconut Margarita
Baby’s Lava Cookie

Review by : John Patrick