Future Fair NYC is an innovative and cutting-edge event that showcases the latest advancements in technology, art, and design. It brings together creators, thinkers, and innovators from around the world to explore and celebrate the future of creativity. With interactive exhibits, immersive experiences, and thought-provoking discussions, Future Fair NYC offers a glimpse into what lies ahead in the worlds of art, technology, and beyond. Visitors can expect to be inspired, challenged, and amazed by the possibilities that the future holds.

Future Fair 2024The Fair opened its fourth annual in-person show this Wednesday, May 1, with a VIP preview at Chelsea Industrial for invited friends and guests before opening to the public from May 2-4, 202461 local, national and international exhibitors opened the fair, some returning and some brand new to the fair. Visitors to the fair included Sir Daniel Day-Lewis (Actor), Herve Mikaeloff, (Art Consultant and Curator, LVMH), Catherine Lacey (Author) and Helen Toomer (Founder of Upstate Art Weekend, Stoneleaf Retreat), among other.

Future Fair also announced its inaugural Artists Prize winner Angela Fang Zirbes(Hashimoto Contemporary, NY, LA, SF), who will participate in the Loma Serena residency with Virreina Art Space in Santander, Colombia as part of the award.

ARDEN + WHITE’s booth drew attention from collectors and guests alike for its minimalistic presentation amidst the cacophony of color and figuration at the fair. SUPPAN also sold five works by artist Michael Ornauer, including three pre-fair sales. And TRANSFER pre-sold its solo presentation of time-based media installation work by Canadian artist Lorna Mills. Yellowwhirlaway (2017) was acquired by a private collection in the weeks leading up to the fair. The work will enter the Fabric Media Collection, a new St. Louis-based initiative to build a leading digital art collection, with a focus on works by emerging artists, particularly seminal women in the field.

“As a gallery solely focused on digital and time-based media, we were drawn to Future Fair due to their innovative use of digital communication and online storytelling,” said TRANSFER owner, Kelani Nichole. “We appreciate that its model centers the redistribution of resources. This is something we are also focused on as the gallery transitions to a non-profit data trust, which will ensure the longevity and accessibility of digital artworks.”