Spring beauty must-haves include lightweight moisturizers bright and bold lip colors, pastel eyeshadows, and a good sunscreen to protect your skin from sun’s rays. Don’t forget to add some floral fragrances and light, fresh perfumes to your collection for a truly springtime feel. Experiment with fun and flirty nail polish colors and don’t be afraid to try out some new hairstyles to welcome the season in style. Embrace the beauty of spring with these must-have products!

Burberry Her Petals *LIMITED EDITION*

Burberry introduces Her Petals Eau de Parfum; featuring the signature fruity gourmand scent of Her Eau de Parfum and reimagined in an archive-inspired glass bottle, elevated with floating pink petals suspended in the unique gel formula of the fragrance. The original Her key notes of dark red berriesjasmine, and amber return, exuding a playful gourmand scent with a British twist.

AVAILABILITY: The fragrance is available as of January 2024 for $168 (2.9 oz) at Macy’s

Philosophy Dose of Wisdom Dark Circle Brightening Eye Cream

*Additional info TBC

The dose of energy your tired eyes need when they don’t get a full night’s sleep! Bring back the energy thanks to ourpatented oxygen booster method, support collagen production with vitamin c, and plump with hyaluronic acid. Eyes appear naturally brighter and dark circles are neutralized over time. Dermatologist and ophthalmologist testedfragrance-free, gentle for sensitive eyes.

Key Ingredients:

  • Patented vitality booster: increases undereye skin’s vitality so it functions at its peak. It is naturally loaded with oxygen, our skin’s living force and a vital element that helps skin cells to produce energy
  • Molecule grafted vitamin c: a molecule grafted vitamin c helps minimize the appearance of dark circles and a blend of caffeine and elderberry soothes the undereye area to prevent puffiness and future skin damage
  • Molecule grafted hyaluronic acid: supports skin’s natural hyaluronic acid production for continuous in-depth hydration and to repump the thin skin under eyes and smooth fine dry lines around the eye

The Proof:

based on an 8-week consumer study with 100 women​ aged 25-55 with 2x/day application​

  • In 7 days, 5 signs eyes are revived; puffiness and dark circles are reduced, eyes look more energized, brighter, and refreshed
  • In 2 weeks, over 90% said dark circles are neutralized and eyes look brighter
  • In 4 weeks
    • 98% saw a reduction in dark circles and smoother skin
    • 95% saw fewer lines and plumper skin
    • 9/10 said the formula texture was the best they’ve ever tried 

AVAILABILITY: The eye cream is available as of April 2024 for $56 (0.5 oz) at philosophy.com

Orveda – The Bio-Tech™ Emulsion Sheer

The iconic Biotech Emulsion is now available in a lightweight, sheer texture. This 3-in-1, moisturizer, primer and mask is designed to hydrate, smooth and revitalize skin. Containing 9 actives concentrated at 10%, this lipid-restoring moisturizer soothes sensitive and compromised skin while offering deep hydration with a luxurious, lightweight texture.

This sheer 3-in-1 fluid can be used after The Vital Sap (AM + PM) and underneath one of the Botanical Creams, as a final step daily moisturizer, or once a week as a 10-minute facial treatment by applying a thick layer underneath the provided reusable silicone mask.


  1. Meadowfoam Seed Oil; prevents moisture loss
  2. Botanical Glycerine; skin nutrition
  3. 2 Hyaluronic Acids; hydrating
  4. Orveda’s signature self-healing activator mix of natural prebiotic, antioxidant enzyme and bio-fermented kombucha black tea
  5. Free from: fragrance, alcohol, artificial colorants, essential oils, fruit acids, lanoline, and mineral oils


  1. Boosts hydration for up to 8 hours
  2. Restores skin’s natural luminosity by 60%
  3. Smooths skin’s texture (+50%)
  4. Fades skin’s visible fatigue signs (-29%)
  5. Improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by 17%

*Clinical measurements realized under dermatological control after 14 days of AM/PM usage, on 23 testers + 8 hour hydration test, single application on 32 testers

Philosophy Luminous Body Oils – Amazing Grace, Amazing Grace Intense, Pure Grace

A lightweight, dry-touch body oil that instantly melts into skin to deliver lasting hydration and a subtle glow. The highly nutritive oil intensely moisturizes to strengthen and nourish revealing skin that’s smooth, supple, and feels regenerated. The silky, non-greasy formula soothes and comforts to leave skin feeling revitalized and delicately scented with our iconic grace scents. It can also be used to scent hair.

Available in 3 scents: Amazing Grace, Amazing Grace Intense & Pure Grace 

AVAILABILITY: The body oils are available as of March 15, 2024 for $50 (4 oz) at philosophy.com

Gucci Neutrals –

Gucci Neutrals is a collection of 15 lipstick shades specifically designed to flatter all skin tones. This range extension spans various textures, encompassing the timeless allure of matte finishes, the vibrant sheen of satin and the velvety feel of the liquid soft matte formula.

Included in the assortment are six new additions to theGucci Rouge à Lèvres Mat collection, three new additions to the Gucci Rouge à Lèvres Liquide Mat collection and an additional six shades added to the Gucci Rouge à Lèvres Satin collection

Rooted in the genuine allure of individual beauty, the Gucci Neutrals collection presents a beauty wardrobe of essentials, versatile pieces suited for any occasion and personal style preference. 

AVAILABILITY: The lip shade extensions are available as of April 2024 for $47 at Sephora