Miami Art Basel - atm

Would you compete in bank balance championship? This happened at the Miami Art Basel 

 This ATM does more than your average one… How would you feel about competing with the wealthiest attendees of Art Basel Miami to see who has more money in their bank account.

The notoriously scandalous art gallery Perrotin joined MSCHF, representing their new thought provoking work. The purpose of this ATM art installation is to rank the users based on their wealth, in a place like Art Basel Miami where people are known for flaunting their riches by renting Lamborghini’s , This piece is meant to shed a light to how little the attendees care about art and how much the event is based on flexing a status. 

The Perrotin art gallery has been known for representing art that has a controversial edge, like the banana taped to the wall we all know, and this is no different, the Brooklyn based art collective MSCHF is known for causing commotion, their latest work got them a now settled lawsuit from nike, for their satan inspired sneakers. 

The ATM installed is fully functional, you can check your balance and even withdraw. The fun part comes after, as soon as you enter your cart, the ATM snaps a picture of you and automatically ranks you by your balance among the other guests with cool and funny animations to make it more engaging. One of the visitors that got 1st place in the leaderboard was DJ Diplo , with 3M USD

The ATM was sold for $75,000 USD , the new owner assured the ATM will remain available for the public. It will be changing locations and all the previous scores will be kept. 

We can’t wait to see where this ATM will appear next.