In the Spring of 2013, Barn Joo was established in the Flatiron District. No longer will the Korean dining scene be subject to Manhattan’s K-Town District. Composing farm-to-table tapas and well crafted cocktails, Barn Joo continued to push the envelope by also incorporating a speakeasy vibe.

Main dish Seafood Hot bowel

The exciting characteristics of Barn Joo’s menu is a changing array of small plates highlighting farm-to-table ingredients offering comfort foods with a touch of Korean soul. In Korean language, Barn Joo means musical accompaniment or drinks accompanied with your meal. Barn Joo’s 35 St create a warm and welcoming venue to eat, drink and enjoy what our Barn Joo family has to offer.

Truffle fries
Spicy Spinach dumpling :PS IZON Favorite Tapas
Fried Tiger Roll
Ginger hibiscus

photographer: John Patrick

Article by: John Patrick