Chinese superstars Wilber Pan and Nick Li, founders of NPC (New Project Center) debuted their Autumn/Winter 2019 collection

                                         Autumn/Winter 2019 marks NPC’s first runway show during New York Fashion Week.

Pan and Li were inspired by ‘Space Exploration,’ the brand’s 10th anniversary and pairing the past with the future. For the collection, they partnered with PHANTACi, ANB BRAND, UMAMIISM and MAD HATcher to bring their inspirations to life. NPC and this season’s collaborators, who have become icons of China’s “New Era Youth,” presented collections with encouraging words to inspire youth to keep going, even in the face of hardship and struggle. This season, NPC’s efforts to relate space exploration to youthful expression showcase how NPC is continuously striving to advocate for the fusion of traditional Chinese culture, the past, with the aspiring worldwide creative talents in street fashion, the future.

NPC showed at NYFW as part of China Day, an initiative produced by Suntchi in collaboration with the CFDA that maximizes the impact of Chinese fashion in the world, and ultimately helps Chinese designers grow their share in the global market.

Photo Credit: Don Ashby/firstVIEW