Winter in New York City is full of bright lights, holiday window displays, sweet treats, ice skating, and more. There’s fun for everyone this time of year, but speaking to the adults, there’s one place that’s cooler than any other in town. It’s Minus5 Ice Experience!

Located in Las Vegas, Orlando, and New York City, the premium ice attraction is one place you MUST experience. Everything inside is made of ice; the seats, walls, chandeliers and even the glassware! Minus5 is the only bar where your beverage gets colder as you drink it.

Don’t worry about getting too cold. Once you choose your package, you’re provided with a Faux Fur Coat or parka, hat, and gloves before entering into a land of ice bliss. The upbeat music inside keeps your body moving as you sip on the coolest drinks from the glasses made completely of ice! Each room is designed in different themes for you to explore to keep the moment exciting. You would definitely want to take pictures in each room.

Once you’re done with the ice bar, they transport you into an aspen style log. This room is there to warm you up, but not to slow down the party. You can continue to drink, dance, and laugh with your friends and loved ones. If you’re looking to make your New York City winter experience cooler, join us at Minus5 Ice Experience located in the New York Hilton Midtown. We hope to see you there!

– Ashley Tiffaney

Shoot By- Zeke Maxwell & Moe Alyasini

Stylist By- John Patrick