Words by Farah Akbar 


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Lumicharge is the gift this holiday season. The sleek design and multipurpose functionalities make it perfect for anyone! As a writer with glasses, my sight needs change throughout my workday.  I appreciate this LED lamp being so eye friendly, giving the ability to change the light from bright to low as needed. There is also an option to place the lamp far or close adjusting better suite different activities. The phone charger is another plus to this invention.  The charger is smartphone or tablet compatible; it doesn’t matter the phone brand. In addition to having universal compatibility, there is also an option to charge two devices at the same time.

Lumicharge lamps also come with a screen including date, time, temperature and alarm. So if you want to slow down your phone use for a second but still need these features, Lumicharge is an easy replacement for that as well! Lumicharge lamps are the very first of its kind. This multipurpose lamps just make life a little easier, providing one option for multiple tech needs. The design of the lamp make it truly unisex and can fit with any decor layout. Lumicharge Lamps are one of the most ideal gifts this season.  You can buy one for any students in your family or professionals who need a better light to work with. Who ever you buy a Lumicharge Lamp for, make sure to buy another for yourself; it’s only fair!