IZON MAG Creative Director John had the honor of speaking with New York City native Brawley Chisholm, an icon for the Harlem Globetrotters and an inspiring actor and designer. Brawley grew up with a love for basketball that destined his career as a professional athlete for his city’s very own Harlem Globetrotters. Although Brawley has played ball for 12 years his earlier love for fashion and the arts was never diminished. As a kid, Brawley had to choose a path, sports or the arts. After 12 years with the Harlem Globetrotters and traveling the world, playing in over 60 countries, there was always another side of him he yearned to follow. In 2015 Brawley’s love for fashion flourished when he walked the runway during New York Fashion Week. Brawley decided to take the road less traveled and step into the art world. 

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Brawley has not only stepped into the fashion industry but leaped. With not only one clothing brand, but two, Brawley wanted to make menswear for those who “want to live their passion through sport.” Brawley’s first clothing brand LTG (Love the Game) sells game gear for basketball and fashion lovers alike. Brawley’s second menswear label “Primary Colors” is a ready-to-wear line with a focus on sneakers, tees, and outerwear. You can shop Primary Colors at as well as Love the Game at

When asked what’s next for him Brawley said he doesn’t mind “spilling the tea.” “It’s all about giving back and motivating the youth.” Brawley continued to say it’s all about confidence, “The more confidence you have the more you’ll excel.” Brawley’s next step in his career is to help kids. One of the ways Brawley is focused on doing this is in his segment “Play it Forward,” where he and his team give back to the community. “Play it Forward” showcases the impact the Harlem Globetrotters do off the court. “I want everyone to see how we’re changing the world,” says Brawley. You can catch “Play it forward every Saturday on NBC at 11 am eastern time. 

Brawley’s goals have never withered, he wants to follow his dreams and break down barriers. The kid who chose between NYC theater and basketball is embarking on a new endeavor, acting, and modeling. These talents are just another side of Brawley’s incredible capabilities and charisma. 

When asked what advice Brawley has for the youth he responded with the same advice he follows, “never give up. It’s serious. What are you dreaming for if you’re gonna quit?” It is transparent that following your dreams is one of the most important things in Brawley’s life. Before Brawley left he gave one more bit of advice, “Ask questions, meet friends, network, and dedicate yourself every day.” Brawley continues to say when he was younger he ate, slept, and breathed basketball. Brawley’s passion for the things and people he loves has taken him to great heights but the journey has just begun. 

Photographer : Iain Mahaffey

Videographer : Max Durante

Graphic Designer: Matthew Taylor

Creative Director: John Uzafe

Assistant : Gretta Madrazo

Photo Assistant: Max Njvd