Brett Gray is a 21-year old actor and musician from Philadelphia, who began his journey of acting at the age of 6. Gray, who is known as one of the main characters from the Netflix sensation On My Block, makes touchdowns both on the field and in the world of streetwear and contemporary fashion. If you haven’t watched the show, sorry for the spoiler and also where have you been? Gray landed his role for On My Block, after his agent told him about the opportunity. He was doing a musical in the Hamptons at the time when he received the call and was told to send in a tape for his audition. He was then flown to LA to do a chemistry read and a week later, he was told that he got the part.

On My Block is a series that sheds light into the lives of a group of friends living in South Central Los Angeles who are going through new experiences as they begin their high school life. Gray plays the character of Jamal Turner who is wildly comedic.

Outside of his acting and musical career, you can catch Gray on his social media accounts with a dope style aesthetic that will have you scrolling for hours. From his Nike Special Field Air Force 1’s to his distressed jean look, we are obsessed with Gray’s look.

We were given a chance to interview and style Brett in IZON Style forecast of the week.


Creative Director – John Patrick

Film Maker – Emmanuel Rodriguez

Photographer – Korryn Hale

Article by – Patra Banks

Stylist- Soulflowr

Makeup Artist – Jette Stewart

Location- The Tilliary hotel