First of all, before going into depth with this article I would love to let you know that we are in deep concern about this issue.

But, let’s clear all the points out from what is wrong with this and why you shouldn’t read, share or talk about it at all and start mentioning some good past references from this type of “fashion” articles.

Behind “Heroin chic”.

History in all types of issues must be brought back, because we are history, and we create it as well. And we need references before giving such a specific argument about a type of body being a trend.

Frédéric Godart, the author of “Sociology of Fashion: Order and Change” mentioned in his book that trends don’t comeback, it’s subjective when we say for example: “60’s are back”, just because some of the garments that designers inspired this year have references like flowers on dresses. We can’t state that a trend is coming back, because trends are the repercussions of political, economical and social changes in our society. When we say “a comeback” is just missing the depth of the new collection from a designer, or his own inspiration.

Getting into “Heroin chic” is back, we must know that the decade of fat-phobia and eating disorders, was the decade after the 80’s, in which if we investigate further the 80’s where all about having fun, so when we reach to the 90’s it was the repercussion of 80’s, 70’s, 60’s, were metal, rock, punk, flower power, and being careless was all about. Eventually it was going to come to an end with consequences, so the 90’s kids experienced overdosing, drug abuse and of course economical and social crisis worldwide. So this reflection of skinny was dark and everybody identified with this kind of aesthetic because of the trauma and the anxiety that was in denial at the time.

So then, what kind of crisis are we going through to say that “Heroin chic is back?” As said before, trends do not come back, like curvy didn’t come back the same way people admired bodies like Marylin Monroe’s or the Renaissance, this type of inclusivity was about body positivity and accepting that every body is perfect just the way it is.

In conclusion: NO, “Heroin chic” is not coming back, we’ve been walking the right path into inclusivity, diversity and through the “taboo” of mental health that makes it impossible for it to be a trend again.

Now, reading content like this, does have a consequence for new generations, so we as readers must not talk, share nor give any importance because then it will spread and new generations will believe that in order to be skinnier you have to use drugs, and that means we would be taking a big step back from all that we’ve accomplish.

Our bodies are NOT trends. Being skinny isn’t bad, nor being curvy; Every body is beautiful, unique and perfect, that’s what we must share to the world. We are born perfect and one must accept and love their own skin.